The genuine German army parka in NATO olive from cold war times

Here you will find your genuine vintage German army parka in NATO olive, worn from the late 1950s to the early 1990s. The Bundeswehr parka we offer is the classic unicoloured version with an outer shell made of 100% cotton and with a very warm detachable inner liner for the cold times of the year. As a genuine, original item, the German army parkas are produced from several army supplier companies, manufactured according to the military specifications from Germany's ministry of defence and with a unique stock number in the parka's lable.

Impressions of the German Bundeswehr Parka

herw you will find more details about the German Bundeswehr parka - for any outdoor activities in the cold
- timeless vintage genuine army parka

German army vintage parkas in several sizes

German army parka from the 1980 from stock as new - outer shell made of heavy and sturdy cotton
- each parka with warm detachable liner